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General Description

Sigma Net is a web based management software characterized by simplicity and speed; it is possible to access to it from Internet without installing any software on your pc, it is complete and suitable for all kinds of companies.
The Saas model (software as a service) which distributes Sigma Net, eliminates the cost and the complexity in purchasing, configuring and managing hardware and software necessary to run a business. Sigma Net is a proper service that the user utilizes according to his real needs.


  • A significant reduction in costs: no installation and local maintenance
  • If the computer crashes for a software or hardware problem, it isnít necessary to worry about accessing to the disk to save data before reinstalling the operating system
  • The user can access to the program wherever he is (at home, in the office, at customers etc.)
  • The user hasnít to worry about making regular data backup
  • Any problem concerning the functioning of the program will be solved in a few minutes
  • Any modification or customization required will be done in a short time and no on-site presence will be necessary
  • No software to install on your computer

Data are saved once a day by an automatic system and access is guaranteed by a sophisticated authentication procedure with information going at 128 bit in an encrypted form. The servers are protected by SSL technology, MD5 and SHA1 encodings; a mirroring system assures the correct functioning even in case of hardware or software failure.


Sigma Net canít be purchased, it can be hired; with an annual fee equal to or even lower than a current technical assistance contract, it is possible to use a management program with all the advantages listed above and assistance is also included in the fee.

Simplicity and speed

Sigma Net is easy and fast: on pages there is no graphic that would slow down the loading, the opening of the modules is so fast and fluent that it seems to work on your computer. New Skill Srl has developed an easy interface to offer users the greatest efficiency and at the same time to reduce considerably learning time.
With Sigma Net it is possible start to work immediately!

Advanced Features

Sigma Net is an integrated, modulated, multi-company and multi store management system. Thanks to its modularity, the user can activate or de-activate the modules that make up the program on the basis of the entered password; this also allows, for example, the warehouseman to use only the warehouse modules without having access to accounts. The modules are fully integrated among them, for example the issue of an invoice involves automatically the updating of the warehouse and the automatic generation of potential commissions and deadlines depending on the conditions of payment. Each user can create more companies to work on and each company will have its own archives to manage; in the management of the same company, it is possible to create more warehouses or storages and also make movements between them. Sigma Net allows the user to send by email invoices and statements of account. Budgets and First Note can be sent directly to the consultant e-mail address quite easily.

Constant evolution

Sigma Net is a constantly evolving program; at every connection the user will find in addition new functions, even not required, that will improve the efficiency of the program. The procedures can be customized and any modification to the program or adaptation to the user needs can be added in the menu; it is even possible to create a custom made menu that will contain all the changes requested by the user and that will be seen only by the user who made the request.

Reliability and efficiency

Sigma Net uses advanced technology solutions developed by New Skill Srl . The necessary technical support provided directly by New Skill Srl with no additional cost ensures the highest reliability and efficiency. A team of analysts and programmers are always at work on the analysis and development of new functions and technical assistance is assured by a team of experts working 24 hours a day.

No graphic

Sigma Net is a web application characterized by speed, effectiveness, efficiency and accessibility. This is why the user wonít find on pages any graphic or animations that slow down the loading and may cause problems of accessibility for some users.


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