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What is Sigma Net?
Until now it is one of the most complete online management programs and it is surely one of the most simple and fast to use
How much does Sigma Net cost?
Sigma Net is subject to annual or six-monthly fee. Contact us to have more information
What are Sigma Net main advantages?
It is low cost, easy, safe, reliable, complete, fast and you can use it wherever you are; there is no need to worry about the data backup and no other program has to be installed on your computer
Is Sigma Net safe?
Yes, Sigma Net is protected by SSL technology and SHA1 encodings, thanks to SSL technology, which employs a complex system of cipher with key 256 bit, the information surf the internet only in an encrypted way thanks to a complex mathematical algorithm which makes the data illegible by anyone. At present, cipher of messages to 256 bit is the most safe system for confidential information trough internet and it is used by banks all over the world. Sigma Net is also protected by screening techniques that block any intrusion and the server is constantly monitored by a very skilled staff
How can I start up Sigma Net?
 Click here to send an e-mail to New Skill Srl
What browser works with sigma Net?
Sigma Net has been tested with Internet Explorer 5.00 +, Mozilla Fire Fox 3.5 +, Google Chrome, Apple Safari 5.0 +, Opera 10.63+.
What resolution should be used for Sigma Net?
It is better 1024 for 768
Why graphics is almost absent in Sigma Net?
First of all, because we have given priority to prerogatives such as speed and fluidity for the opening of pages, and graphic elements could compromise them. Another important reason is the respect of the guidelines of W3C for accessibility according to which even people with physical disabilities or those with limited hardware and software tools can have access to information. Graphic elements, though welcome, often make a website inaccessible
Is there any risk of losing my data?
No, there isnít . An automatic system backs up all the databases every night
Can I save data on my computer by myself?
Through the appropriate procedure in the administration menu it is possible to back up anytime you need
Where do you keep my data backup?
On magnetic and optical media stored at the offices of New Skill Srl
Can I ask New Skill Srl the updated data of my database?
The data contained in tables are owned by the user; if required, New Skill Srl will periodically send to the e-mail indicated by the user with no additional cost, a file easily imported into other applications containing such data
How does Sigma Net process data in the database?
Users have the property of the data in the tables and they are processed according to the guidelines of the law 196/2003 (Italy). They will never be disclosed to anyone and they will be used confidentially. In no case they can be made public and used for commercial purposes by New Skill Srl , that canít resell the information to companies, firms or people
Is the server of Sigma Net safe?
Yes, absolutely. Our servers are always updated with the latest patches available and they are constantly monitored by a qualified staff
Does Sigma Net require the purchase of additional licenses of software products?
No, Sigma Net has been developed with Open Source technologies, therefore it does not require any other license of software products
Is it possible to change the password?
Yes, it is possible and it is also recommended to change it frequently, following the procedure in the administration menu
Is it possible to change the username?
No, it is not possible
Can I switch to a different configuration when using Sigma Net?
Yes, every time you need
Is it possible to customize Sigma Net?
Sigma Net is very flexible: it is possible to ask for changes to adapt it to the needs of any kind of business. Contact New Skill Srl and ask for your changes
Are changes included in the fee?
The changes are not included in the fee; anyway it is possible to communicate with an e-mail all your management requests and if the changes are considered to be functional for the improvement of the service, they will be implemented with no additional cost
Is Sigma Net assistance included in the fee?
Yes. The annual fee includes a telephone help desk and an e-mail working every day, during office hours. Moreover each user will receive the telephone number of a programmer that he can contact on public holidays or in case of need. Assistance on site is possible only upon payment
What happens if I decide to stop using Sigma Net?
Data relating to annuities regularly paid will be accessible for ten years. Afterwards, the user cannot create new companies anymore, but can freely have access to the data and request that they are provided in an easily readable file, that can be easily imported into other applications. The user can also decide to delete them permanently from our servers
Is Sigma Net protected by Copyright?
Yes. The procedure has been filed on 28-09-2005 at SIAE (Italy) with protocol number 003575
Is it possible to become a retailer of Sigma Net?
Yes. There is also a license agreement of resale. Write an e-mail to 

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