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Open Sigma Net is the B2B e-commerce platform (Business to Business) easy and fast inserted in Sigma Net and usable by all the users who work with our online management.

Through Open Sigma Net users receive real time orders by their customers.

The user can configure Sigma Net platform in relation to his needs; itís possible, for example, for each customer to select the price and discounts to apply.

On the platform the customer chooses the way to research some articles based on filters such as brand or product sector and look for products either by code or by description or by a full text searching (a text contained in the code or in the article description).

Once the user has started the research a list of articles which respond to characteristics required will appear. From the list, in addition to checking the availability of each product, the order will be made with a few and easy passages.

The user can see in real time the goods ordered in the Customer Engagement Management module under Ordered Print by E-Commerce and can Close the order totally or partly with a Delivery Note or an invoice.

To make active Open Sigma Net the user must require it at New Skill Srl , that will give a Public Login which can be used by all its customers. After the activation of the platform, the user can make active its customers by giving to each of them a password and a module in the Administrator menu.

In each moment the user of Sigma Net can revoke the access to its customers.

The platform Open Sigma Net isnít included in all the configurations.

To receive information contact New Skill Srl . If you have the credentials to enter to Reserved Area  Click Here.

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