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The databases are located on servers protected by SSL technology and MD5 and SHA1 encodings: the most reliable international standards used for data protection.
Our servers are controlled 24 hours a day by a qualified staff and thanks to a complex mirroring system, the program keeps on working even in case of hardware or software failure.

Data Backup

An automatic system makes the incremental backup of data every night. Data are preserved respecting high safety standards. The user may ask New Skill Srl to send a free weekly email containing a file with all data in a format easily imported into other applications. Thanks to the frequent saving of the databases and to the constant control of the servers, there is no risk for the user to lose data.

Access to data for 10 years

If the user decides to stop using Sigma Net he can continue to consult freely his data for 10 years.
In this period he can also decide to delete his data from our servers or request the sending of personal data in a readable form, so that records can be easily imported into other applications.

Keeping your data and privacy

Data contained in the tables are owned by the user. New Skill Srl at your request, can periodically send to the email indicated by the user during activation, and with no additional cost, a readable file than can be easily imported into other applications containing such data. Personal data and user identification information contained in the tables, as well as those managed by the software, will be treated confidentially. In no case data will be made public or used for commercial purposes and marketing by New Skill Srl which will never sell such information to companies, firms and/or people.

Reference to General Conditions

For any questions about the keeping and safety of data, refer to the clauses contained in the Terms of Use.


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